Essay on The Jung Personality Type Test

Essay on The Jung Personality Type Test

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The Jung Personality Type Test or The Myers- Briggs Personality Type Test is quiet familiar to me as I have taken it on more than one occasion and know of its general premise. The test is very popular in the business world but has been heavily criticized by academics due to its low validity and reliability. I would have to agree with academia because even though I have taken this test several times I have never been categorized as the same personality type twice. This does not mean that there have not been similarities in my results; certain aspects of the results stay true and the percentages of specific personality traits fall within a close range of each other no matter how many times I take the test.
The result of my Jung Test-- for this assignment-- classified my personality in the ENFJ typology with a 50% dominance in both the Extrovert and Introvert traits; a 52% and 48% in Judging and Perceiving respectively, and with higher percentages in Intuition 68% and Feelings 64% than that of Sensing 32% and Thinking which was 36%. While I believe that we are more than the results of 60 questions on a questionnaire, no matter how clever those questions may be, I must admit that these results give a quiet accurate reflection of my personality. Depending on the situation I am in, I can be quiet extraverted, but at times I am guilty of withdrawing and can be acutely introverted. I sometimes bask in the excitement of being at the center of the party, while in other instances, I over indulge in solitude. I lean heavily on how I am feeling or how a situation feels when making decisions, and I often go with my "gut feeling" about situations and people -- and I am usually right. With respect to categories of Judging and Perceiving, the ...

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... because my "aggressiveness" comes from an altruistic place of wanting to help and not from a need to control.
Ultimately, the test reflected many accurate elements of my personality traits but the consummate individualist that I am urges me to find objection. As the disclaimer below states depending on the accuracy of your responses to the questions-- which may vary day to day, year to year, mood to mood -- the result of the Jung test will change.
Keep in mind, your results are dependent on the accurate truth of your responses. The more you take this test and get the same result, the more likely that is your type. Finally, your scores and type, over the long term, will change as you do.

In the end this is a small picture of the spectacular masterpiece we are; And, if nothing else, it is a wonderful tool for self reflection and an enjoyable topic for discussion.

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