Julius Caesar's Refusal Towards The Throne Essay

Julius Caesar's Refusal Towards The Throne Essay

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Lucius Tarquinius Priscus reigned from 616 to 578 B.C. and was the fifth king. According to legend, he was born in Etruria and wasn’t royal blood at all. He moved to Rome and became wonderful friends with King Ancus Marcius, who made him the guardian of his children. When the king died, Priscus was elected king and built many monuments and the Temple of Jupiter. His son, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, reigned from 534 – 310 B.C. and the last of the Seven Legendary Kings. Superbus was a tyrant who took away the rights of the lower class men. After his son did a crime, he was drove out of the throne and was The Lupercalia Festival, also known as the Feast of Lupercal, is often described with conflicted details by classical and Christian writers. We have an idea of what happened at the Lupercalia Feast, but not everything. We don’t know which god was celebrated, where the feast was held, or the origin the feast came from. Lupercalia is one the most famous Roman holidays and associated with Valentine’s Day. It’s the setting for Julius Caesars’s refusal towards the crown. Lupercalia was a full month before the Ides of March, March 15th. The Feast of Lupercal was celebrated on February 15th or February 13th – 15t.h, covering modern day Valentine’s Day. The Feast of Lupercal is sacrifices of goats and dogs for the fertility god, Lupercus. Two men would dress in nothing but goat skin covering their loins and slapped people with the goat skin. If you got slapped and it was hard for your family to become pregnant, then it would mean that your family would soon have a child.
Unlike with the Feast of Lupercal, we know the origin of the Ides of March. It was associated with the assassination of Julius Caesar. The Ides of March was dated on the Ro...

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...d animals were killed by gladiators. The people that were slaying these “beasts” were usually slaves, condemned criminals, or prisoners from the war. Most gladiators were men, very seldom were females gladiators. These games continued until Christianity progressively put an end to those parts of the games, which included the death of many humans.

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