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Julius Caesar's Corruption Essay

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Julius Caesar was a military commander that emerged from the chaos of civil war to take charge of the republic. He later became known as the dictator of Rome, the absolute ruler of Rome. He made many reforms and created a new program to employ the jobless and gave public land to the poor. Julius Caesar was a powerful man and becoming too powerful was what led him to corruption. The Senate was afraid and jealous of his power and they were worried he might plan to make himself king of Rome. Needless to say, the Senate wanted to save the republic and so they went against him. Julius Caesar became corrupt because he was too powerful, the Senate was jealous, and his actions posed a threat.
Julius Caesar was a brilliant politician and a military genius that was brighter and more capable than the overwhelming majority of other Senators. His nature was kind, generous and inclined to forget grudges and turn enemies into friends, but he was also willing to be utterly ruthless. Caesar’s power kept increasing as he made new reforms that helped and changed people’s lives. The soldiers and the people loved him and that made the Senate even more fearful. His tremendous appeal and the loyal army he had behind him made it difficult for the Senate to plot people against him. Caesar’s power surpassed that of the Senate and that made them angry. He established many reforms to improve the economy. He limited the grain welfare program and established Roman colonies by giving land to the soldiers and landless peasants. He made a law that limited the number of slaves estates could employ and reduced taxes and made collections fairer. “Caesar had not fought the Civil War in order to reform the republic, and in spite of what Cicero and others later ...

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...im the army would not have enough courage or hope to go any further. It takes a skilled politician and an ambitious military genius to make a great army that can conquer it all.
Julius Caesar was a great dictator and will always remain in the hearts of the people of Rome. His greatest skill was as a military commander. He conquered many lands and made many new reforms that benefitted many people. He changed many people’s lives. He became corrupt because of his own power and because of the jealousy amongst other senators. Caesar made plenty of mistakes, both as a commander and politician, but he at least admitted to himself that he had been wrong. Then, he recovered from setbacks and learned how to adapt in a new situation and somehow win in the long run. Despite his brutal death on the Ides of March, Julius Caesar remains the most famous Roman ever to have lived.

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