Julius Caesar : The Political Process At Rome Essay

Julius Caesar : The Political Process At Rome Essay

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Question 3 (g) whether Gaius Julius Caesar intended to transform the political process at Rome

Alea iacta est e (let the die be cast) ; is an appropriate way to begin the journey of the life of as Gaius Julius Caesar (“Caesar”). Caesar one of the greatest men known in the Roman Republic, he brought Rome to its knees, some might say in worship of him others say in Civil war, but did he want peace and for the people of Rome to have a better life, or was it all about power for Caesar? It is submitted, that Caesar did want peace for the people and a united Rome, but alas, his undoing was that he ultimately wanted to hold all the power himself. So to aide himself in his journey he joined another of Rome’s great men, Crassus and Pompey and together they changed the structure of Rome until all three had perished, surrounded by betrayal, revenge, and as always, in the greater good of Rome itself.
Pluratch seemingly implied throughout his Book on Caesar; that Caesar lived as all Romans should, he excelled at Military Campaigns, revered his ancestors (especially his forefather Gaius Marius) and worked for and on behalf of the citizens of Rome. If he felt the citizens were unhappy in any stance he took, he would alter what he was proceeding to do, to so suite and make happy the majority.
Part of the problem with Caesar is that there is no actually evidence of where his thoughts lie, one can only surmise exactly what he hoped to achieve. Once Caesar received his dictatorship, he did not directly interfere with the Consulship position he, he made further plans to ensure Rome’s maiestas by drain marshes and making more areas habitual, fixing the harbours near the major shipping port Ostia . Furthermore, he planned building projects an...

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...warning them of the driving force. In saying this, they should have not been surprised that his rise to power came and he nearly brought the Senate to his knees. If the people allowed it, he would have declared himself King. The down fall of the Senate, should rest solely at their feet, not at the feet of Romans who saw and took the risk, as ultimately the goal in Rome is to be the “greatest men”!


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