Julius Caesar : The Dictator Of Rome Essay

Julius Caesar : The Dictator Of Rome Essay

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Julius Caesar was the dictator of Rome in his prime. Some say his journey to the top was paved in corruption, other claimed he was a man of the people. His enemies knew to fear him for his ruthlessness. His followers adored him because everything that he had succeeded in was done for them. Unfortunately, his betrayal transpired by his senators who felt he had grown too powerful and stabbed him to death. However, Julius Caesar’s connection to the political world, his innate ability as an army general, and his desire to advocate for the rights of his people made him a great leader.
Julius Caesar was born into aristocracy. His father was said to be related to the goddess Venus and his mother’s lineage claimed to be that of the first kings. Seeing a Caesar was raised a noble, he was expected to follow the path his nobility laid out for him. James Thorne proposes in “Leaders of Ancient Rome: Julius Caesar Conqueror and Dictator”, that the upper classes were to follow the proper education to lead them into a job of a senator (Thorne 14). Knowing that he was to pursue a job in politics, the young and wise Caesar pursued bonds that would carry him up the ranks in his military endeavors. Therefore, when the time came for him to try and rise to power he made two very important friends. Caesar, being no one’s fool, knew he needed finical backing as well as a vast army if he were to pursue leadership. Due to this, he created a powerful union between Marcus Crassus and Gnaeus Pompeius. Crassus held the money and Pompeius, a great general of his time, held the loyalty of his troops. Throne recounts that
“Crassus had huge amounts of money and considerable influence with the merchants of the Roman middle class. Pompey had an unchallengea...

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...to Rome’s Jews. He reformed a new calendar. (Greenblatt 37-38) Caesar also eliminated tariffs for his soldiers. He allowed them to receive more money by not charging them for rations, like other military generals had done to their troops. Caesar was hated by the senate because of all of his radical changes, but he was loved by his people as the greatest leader of their time.
Julius Caesar is remembered by his unfortunate murder and his calendar which we still use presently. The month of July bears his name. Caesar also spread Roman culture throughout the lands he conquered and offered out to the world the knowledge of the Roman aqueducts and roads. Everywhere we look, we still see his touch in the present world. This is the sign of a great leader who did everything he could for his Roman citizens. Caesar was unabashedly a dictator for the people, not for himself.

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