Julius Caesar : The Absolute Dictator Of Rome Essay

Julius Caesar : The Absolute Dictator Of Rome Essay

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Julius Caesar defeated Pompey to become the absolute dictator of Rome, under his rule the empire of Rome changed tremendously. Caesar even pardoned and promoted two men who fought in Pompeys army, Caesar gave them the title of officers and left them in charge of two major territories, Gaius Cassius Longinus was in charge of Syria and Marcus Junius Brutus was left in charge of Macedonia. Brutus and Cassius returned the favor by assassinating the very man who appointed them to officers. The assassination was a devastating blow to Rome, the republic was left with no one to run its government. Marcus Antonius who was one of Caesars closest friends, and Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius who was Caesars adopted son both decided to take advantage of the situation and gain power in the senate.

Anthony spoke at Caesars funeral, he read off Caesar will, the will stated that Caesar left his castle and garden to the citizens of Rome. After Anthony gained the popularity of the citizens he then promised to seek vengeance against Brutus and cassias. The citizens soon after also sought vengeance...

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