Essay about Julius Caesar : Raise And Fall Of A Leader

Essay about Julius Caesar : Raise And Fall Of A Leader

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Julius Caesar: Raise and Fall of A Leader
In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated in the chamber of the Roman Senate. With his death,a glorious chapter of the Roman empire’s history--a history created by Caesar himself-- ended. Fifty-eight years earlier, Julius Caesar began a purposeful journey designed to place him in a position of ultimate power. Caesar was successful because he had a clear goal of what Rome could be, obstinate in his belief , and applied his insight into the political realm. Ironically, these same traits that contributed to his success would eventually lead to his downfall.
Julius Caesar knew what he needed to achieve his goal of changing the Roman political system he viewed discontented with ; therefore, he did everything with strong intention to achieve a certain goal, changing Roman political system, that could strengthen his status. “ Even though Caesar seemed to hold overwhelming popularity within the citizen assemblies, he had to manipulate formidable alliances within the Senate itself in order to secure his election” (First Triumvirate). Contrary to Pompey who had a private army and Crassus who was the most powerful regal at the time, Caesar owned nothing that could ensure him stabilized power to against the powerful Senate in which he saw many flaws. Caesar realized the necessity of both military and financial support to strengthen and consolidated his power within the Senate, so he ingratiated Pompey and Crassus to form the First Triumvirate. The First Triumvirate manipulated the election of the senate; thus, Caesar could fill the post he wanted that would benefit his political life. Undoubtedly, Caesar was elected as the consul in A.D. 60 with preponderant triumph. After his reign for one year, Ca...

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...e a successfully leader. Aiming a clear goal without being interfering, being stubborn on one’s own belief, and applying political insight became the indispensable criteria of modern leader. Taking an example of Napoleon, the ultimate French general, he sticked to his clear goal of reforming French monarchical system; in battle, he stubbornly executed his plan to defeat enemy; as a emperor, he proposed Napoleon Code which even influenced modern constitutional system” (Bio Napoleon).However, people would never imagine these seemingly advantages could also led his downfall. Caesar’s downfall demonstrated that all advantages could also become disadvantages. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. In the real life, as a leader, it is so important to balance the “degree” of everything he does, thus prevent the tragedy of Caesar happen again.

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