Essay on Julius Caesar : A Successful Ruler Of Rome

Essay on Julius Caesar : A Successful Ruler Of Rome

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After taking down Julius Caesar’s murderers, the alliance of Octavian (Caesar’s heir), Lepidus and Mark Antony (both were Caesar’s followers) fell apart. Forced Lepidus out of office and Mark Antony to commit suicide, Octavian took the throne, became the first Emperor of Rome under the name of Augustus—meaning “one that is blessed by the gods in rulership over Rome” (Cohen) and evolved Rome from a Republic into an Empire. While ruling Rome, Augustus had achieved a tremendous amount of accomplishments which kept Rome prosperity and peacefulness over 40 years. Therefore, to recognize Augustus as a successful ruler of Rome, “the Senate, the Equestrian Order, and the Roman People with one voice named [him] Father of [his] Country” (Augustus 9).
40-year is not a short term for anyone to hold the power of controlling a country and Augustus made it the best 40 years of an Empire, leaving it the name of the Golden Age. So what factors make one a good ruler in Rome when she just turned herself from a Republic to an Empire? According to the Excepts from Augustus: Res Gestae and the Excepts from The Twelve Caesars, one is considered a good ruler based on three characteristics: being a role model, and the ability to use the authority effectively after earning it. Augustus had all of these characteristics as a ruler, therefore, he was a good ruler after turning Rome from a Republic to an Empire.
Some might argue that to gain absolute power, Augustus had not hesitated to bring many people to death including murdering and forcing to suicide. Before Caesar was killed, he had a bastard son called Caesarion by Cleopatra—the last Pharaoh of Egypt. When married to Mark Antony, Cleopatra received “a huge grant of territory, much of it Roman” (McKay, ...

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... Dávila. A History of World Societies. Tenth ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin 's, 2015. 153-162. Print. In this section of the book, Rome is portrayed from the death of Julius Caesar to the rise in power of Augustus to the life of Roman under Augustus’ reign. Written as a history textbook, the book provides us more information about the path becoming emperor of Augustus and how Roman lives were under his reign. It also shows us different aspects leading to some events. This section of the book tells the causes of the Battle of Actium between Augustus and Mark Antony united with Cleopatra and supports Pax Romana which was made possible by Augustus.
Suetonius. “Excerpts from The Twelve Caesars.” Trans. Robert Graves. MMW 12: Classical Medieval Tradition. Comp. Richard Cohen. La Jolla, CA: University Readers. University of California San Diego. Winter 2016. 1-6. Print.

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