Judicial Functions And Functions Of Administrative Agencies Essay

Judicial Functions And Functions Of Administrative Agencies Essay

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Judicial Functions
The judicial process basically involves a series on intertwined roles and procedures for resolving disputes through an authoritative individual or people whose decisions tend to be obeyed on a regular basis. The judicial process or functions also involve the use of administrative agencies, which were created to help the government in enacting the law in a simpler and more direct way than the legislature. Given the nature of their functions, administrative agencies do not necessarily adhere to the civil procedure established for courts and employ less formal means of pursuing their actions. However, there are various concepts and processes of administrative agency judicial functions in relation to different components or aspects of the law.
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Administrative agencies mainly derive their powers from administrative law, which comes from various sources including administrative common law, the Constitution, and specific agency enabling acts. The major functions of administrative agencies include policy making in a wide array of regulated agencies, providing licenses and permits, and distributing governmental benefits. One of the most important components in the judicial functions and processes of administrative agencies is the due process. The due process is the legal requirement that the state or administrative agency must respect the legal rights owed to an individual. When executing their functions, administrative agencies are required to respect the legal rights that are owed to the individual based on legal provisions. This process incorporates examining substantive due process i.e. restrictions on what government can regulate and procedural due process i.e. procedures through which governm...

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...stitution, state legislatures, the Congress, and local policy making institutions. The main reason for their formulation is to manage crises, oversee complex governmental issues or concerns beyond the capability of legislators or resolve major social issues or problems. These agencies have three major sources of power i.e. legislative, judicial, and executive while their functions are controlled by constitutional, statutory, and institutional authority. Since they are governmental or public institutions, these agencies must be accountable to the public when establishing and implementing public policy. There are various oversight means established to control the actions of these institutions including the establishment of oversight committees, budgetary actions, and legislative investigations as well as the use of executive, constitutional or statutory directives.

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