Essay on The Judicial Branch

Essay on The Judicial Branch

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The United States government consists of three main branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. Within the contents of this essay, the judicial branch will be examined. The judicial branch of the United States government oversees justice throughout the country by expounding and applying laws by means of a court system.1 This system functions by hearing and determining the legality of such cases.2 Sitting at the top of the United States court system is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the United States encompasses the federal judiciary, explicitly the judicial branch. This court is comprised of life-long serving Justices who are selected by the President of the United States and approved by the Senate.3 Cooperatively, the Supreme Court, the President, and Congress attempt to work in accord to run the three-pronged government of the United States.
In transition, the Supreme Court of the United States has acquired a number of powers over the years. However, one power, in particular, is of great magnitude, judicial review. Judicial review is the judicial branch’s power to assess the legality of the actions of the legislative and executive branches of government, as well as the states.4 Accordingly, the federal judiciary determines the validity of such actions set by the Constitution of the United States. In brief, judicial review allows the court to determine whether or not legislation that is passed within government follows the guidelines of the United States Constitution. With this in mind, Judicial review proves to serve as an example of the separation of powers in the United States government.
Moving onward, it is the intention of this essay to explicate specific matters concerning judicial review. In o...

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...e concept of checks and balances in the United States government would be out of sync. What is more, the judicial branch, even with the power of judicial review, is still seen by many as the weakest branch of the government. The federal judiciary cannot truly act, but can merely judge. However, as seen in the past, judicial review does hold value within the United States government. As a final point, undeterred by the fact that judicial review can overrule even the decisions of elected officials, it is not an insuperable, biblical power of the judicial branch, i.e. it can be countered by the President and Congress. In conclusion, judicial review, whether it is praised by the heavens or cursed by the devil, is an existent power of the federal judiciary and will continue to have a profound affect on the United States government and its people for generations to come.

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