Essay on The Judicial Branch Of The United States

Essay on The Judicial Branch Of The United States

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As the United States developed over the years the lives and lifestyles for the Americans
has changed for the better. The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were some of the first steps into
creating a better and more equal America. Also the creation of the Judicial, Executive, and the
Legislative system; these court systems have played a huge role with keeping issues under
control and making sure that everyone is treated fairly. The Executive branch of the United
States government is responsible for enforcing laws. The judicial branch interprets the law,
which means the courts decide what exactly is and is not covered by the laws that have been
passed. The legislative branch’s power in the government is put in the hands of the Congress,
meaning that it is the only part of the government that can make new laws or change existing
laws. Between the years 1970-1977 the U.S courts made a law that gave people college
admissions and financial aid awards to those that were at a financial disadvantage and minorities.
These cases will show how these people overcame their problems with the law and government.
In the aftermath of the cases Brown Decision, Bakke v. California, University of Michigan,
Hopwood v. Texas and the founding institutions of Hostos Community College and Medgar
Evers College we will see how the results of the case laws and how they were fought in our
Three amendments were added to the United States Constitution a few years after the end
of the Civil War. The primary reason the Civil War started in the first place was because of race-
based slavery that was going on in the South. Slavery was a system that was used that treated
African Americans not as human beings but as pieces of personal pro...

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...e Regents of University of California v. Bakke case (1978), the Supreme Court ruled
that a university 's use of racial "quotas" in its admissions process was unconstitutional, but the
school 's use of "affirmative action" to accept more minority applicants was constitutional in
some of the circumstances. The case involved the admissions practices of the Medical School of
the University of California at Davis. The medical school reserved 16 out of 100 seats in its
entering class for minorities. The minority groups included Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and
American Indians. The stiff admissions quota was created by a special school committee. Allan
Bakke was a white applicant that was denied twice for admission to the medical school even
though his MCAT scores and GPA, that was significantly higher than many of the minority
applicants that had recently admitted.

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