Essay about Judgment Errors And Its Effect On Fellow Co Workers

Essay about Judgment Errors And Its Effect On Fellow Co Workers

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Judgment errors are actually routine and happen on a daily basis (Bethel, 2013). In my experiences, the personalized blunders are making snap judgments, sweeping generalizations, and assigning the halo effect to fellow co-workers. I consistently use the first impression to set the tone for a situation. Using this technique does work in certain situations; however, the majority of the time, making a snap judgment does not prove beneficial in all issues. Using snap judgments is making a judgment before having all the facts. For example, several years ago at work I had made a preference to provide a certain type of door for a customer for their cooler; although, the door included the customer’s features and requirements for the project, I had not researched the door to ensure the application for correct for the cooler. This gross oversight caused mass confusion from the company’s standpoint, which resulted in a project being delayed. The door I had ordered was not approved for a foodservice application. In conclusion, I was required to reorder a different style door and delayed a store opening. As with making snap judgments, it as prevalent to make sweeping generalizations. A sweeping generalization is using applying an experience or study of one person or one group and apply to a generalization to an entire whole. A great example of this would be when I deal with one person in a grocery store, whether they are helpful and friendly or unhelpful and unfriendly. I apply this generalization to the store as a whole, in truth, this is an extremely poor way to determine the overall account of the employees. Using the halo effect, as well, has validated ineffective. The halo effect is using a few qualities to determine the person is succe...

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...any and steamed new life into the office. We are continuing challenged to strive to improve our workflow, and the management team is open to ideas. Consequently, I recently took to the managers the idea that if the company would be willing, we could expand one of our standard lines to include several “ship loose” items. This would allow the company to sell a standard item with customized pieces. The project just launched September; however, I am excited over the new, I am nervous about the outcome. We will revisit the program at the end of the year to elevate whether the program change was successful or a failure.

The summer and late fall are our busiest months, yet the company and employees look for ways to administer and thrive while being strapped for time. Time-management and creative thinking are significant to flourish while having the insufficient personnel.

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