Judging Someone by Their Appearance Essay

Judging Someone by Their Appearance Essay

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Have you ever looked at someone and judged them by their appearance? Normally it’s about how they look or how they’re dressed. How the outfit they are wearing is definitely something you would never wear. People who struggle to fit in don’t want to be “that” person. So they try to create the appearance that would please the people that would judge them. For girls, this appearance is the skinny, tan, girl who wears all name brand clothing. Because of this, the girls trying to fit in by starving their selves to be excepted. They spend any money that they have on clothing that they may not even like; but, wear it to just try and fit in.
The personality of a person contributes in whether they think that they will fit in or not. Many people don’t except a person if they don’t think they have the right personality. Sadly, people are so desperate to fit in that they will try to change their personality to be accepted. A girl may not join a certain activity knowing that the crowd that she is trying to fit in with would never do. Instead, she’d do the activity that everyone else would ...

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