Judging People Based On Your Perceptions Can Be A Little Bit Tricky Essay

Judging People Based On Your Perceptions Can Be A Little Bit Tricky Essay

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Judging people based on your perceptions can be a little bit tricky. Why I say this, is because not everyone is sought out to be based off of perceptions. I remember my psychology teacher who always had a positive attitude, she was in the best shape, and never seemed to have trouble with anything tell us that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn’t believe it because I would never expect her to have it. She told us that she been having it for a while.She decided to tell us because she wanted to insure us that she may not teach for the rest of the semester. As of now she is still teaching, but she tells us that she is taking things one step at a time.
When I first meet someone I always look straight at their face, just to see if they’re are mean or nice. Coming into a new school and starting my sophomore year off I’m usually shy to interact with people. So I look around just to see who I would see myself hanging out with. I saw this guy who seemed to be 6’2, muscular, and kind of intimidating. I told myself that I can’t see me interacting with him. Walking into Geometry class, I observe my surrounding and found a seat towards the back of the classroom. As I sat in my seat, I watched people come in and and out of the room. I checked at my watch for the time and as I looked back up I saw the same guy who I thought was intimidating come in the room towards the back of the class to sit next to me. I didn 't why, but I kind of felt uneasy. My teacher began his class by introducing himself and telling us what to expect from his class. He put us into groups and asked us to introduce ourselves to each other then get into new groups. I was placed in the group with the intimidating guy. He began to introduce himself. S...

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...slimmer, and not as toned. Rick another guy who also went to my old high school was more built in muscles and always seemed to be involved in some time of trouble. One day, I rushing up the stairs to my next class when I noticed Alex walking down hallway. I then noticed Rick slightly walking up right behind him. I was kind of confused as to why he was walking so close. Rick comes right beside him and pushes him to the floor. I looked around to see if anyone saw but there was barely anyone around. He kept provoking him, until he decided that he had enough and punches him on his jaw. Rick falls downs in pain, holding his hand on his mouth. I was shocked because Alex did not look like the fighting type, but he was able to defend himself from Rick. The security came before Rick had the opportunity to do anything else and they’re were both sent to the principal’s office.

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