Judging a Person by Their Occupation

Judging a Person by Their Occupation

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Christie Scotty has a problem; she is concerned with people who judge by an occupation. She states that the ubiquitous statement "And what do you do?" is what triggers her concern. Christie was a small town reporter, considered a professional and important job whereas she waited tables during that period of time, she was deciding on what to do next. She then mentions the constant disrespect she got from the customers. The customers always made rude gestures and made unacceptable comments which were upsetting for Christie. As soon as she graduated college, she took a job for a community newspaper. She then noticed the change in attitudes from clients they worked with as opposed to the restaurant customers. I have dealt with this type of judgment and I will point out the reasons why it is wrong and offensive.

I have had the experience of feeling as though judgment is sorely based on a person's occupation. I worked at Sears, a store which sells electronics to clothing, and I've experienced my own judgment based on the job I perform there. My title at Sears is an MCA, Merchandise and Customer Assistant, whereas my duties are to maintain the sales floor, help the customers and take care of the fitting rooms to make sure they are clean. In my opinion, the MCA position is the hardest job to fulfill, it requires constant physical effort. We find ourselves relentlessly picking up clothes from the floor and walking from one side of the store to the other. They find it hard to take us as seriously as the other employees but I also find disrespect in the fact that we are paid less than any other employees for the amount of hard work we put into the store. We are constantly being mistreated by our very own cashiers who are supposed to be hand in hand with us MCA's. One Monday night, a cashier mentioned, "with all do respect, you guys are the lowest of the lows." He quietly said that with a small grin on his face; and made me realize the type of "respect" we get in that store.

The general public that encourages these types of judgments need to realize that with each company or store, it is the workers that make everything possible. With the amount of time and effort it takes to perfect a store to make it acceptable for the shopper, they deserve more respect than they earn.

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Not a single store can last and manage without the employees, no matter how much the pay is or how high qualified they are. The working world is what makes the world go around, and therefore they deserve to be treated with respect like a human being. It is rude to disrespect the people who wake up every morning and work to serve for the customer's satisfaction when they condone the effort. I've had incidents where the customers will walk up to me and ask, "What time are you guys open until?" and I reply "We're open until Nine o'clock" and they walk away without the slightest smile or hand gesture to imply a thank you.

The definition of a job is a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price. The emphasis is on the agreed price because that's why we all work; we look for the salary to support our financial needs. Judging someone by their job is ridiculous, it is how they do their job that counts. If an employer is seen wondering around and not putting any effort into their job, then they should be judged. The hard-workers should be acknowledged for the physical and mental capabilities they have to complete even the hardest tasks.

This has become a land of judgment where we constantly judge by every person's attributes and qualities. We shouldn't chastise our fellow workers in regards to where they work and what they do. It is not fair because of how much effort is put into some jobs that most people wouldn't even do. It's the workers who do the things most people wouldn't do that get the insolence. It's important to remember to never "judge a book by its cover", because what we do on the inside doesn't convey who we are in the inside. I am apart of the working world, and I would never want to be treated like how Christie Scotty was treated.
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