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Judge Advocate General (JAG): These words represent greatness not only in the military world but in the civilian realm too. JAG officers have that type of toughness that is just giving to make you want to respect them. A JAG officer to earn respect in the military. Being a JAG officer lets an individual have an outstanding career due to the toughness of the selection process and also because of all of the hard work that this career requires. The research describes and evaluates everything from the duties of the officer to qualifications of the field.

The history of a JAG officer started when legislation was signed into law. The first judge advocate was Colonel William Tudor for the army. The Second Continental congress appointed him into his position. Then JAG was then abolished because of state militias. After nearly 50 years JAG Advocate was re established by President Zachary Taylor. After that JAG officer expands its field in 1862. For the first time legal expertise became a necessary asset to the court. Then they started to establish the first JAG school. Then after that they started to up the defense department. codes. Then they started to put in place for c In the current day men and women in the corps have clear guidance in the role. The is also more strict demands in this century of JAG corps. In this twenty-first century the jag officers are being prepared to meet different challenges. Which then makes up the new corps doctrine enunciated in FM 27-100. The corps has also have learned a clear knows a the legal support to military operation and that they give jags the “Six core legal discipline”.

The duties in the JAG officer work have a general to a specific duties.The general duties in the work field is analyz...

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...id not get from my other sources.

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