Essay about Judaism, Religion, And Tradition

Essay about Judaism, Religion, And Tradition

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Judaism is a monotheistic religion that is rich in history, culture, and traditions. According to the brief history written by Charles Szlakmann, at first, they were untied, then they became kings of their lands. Soon after, they were destroyed and dispersed. War filled their religion, and it eventually led to a rebellion that made them rise once more. Years later, they were murdered in an attempt to commit genocide (Szlakmann). Judaism has been through so much and it makes one wonder about the details of a religion that has gotten through the hardships of their time. Even though Judaism has been challenged quite a few times over the centuries, their ethics dealing with ourselves, others, and nature has stayed the same.
In many cases, Judaism is not just a religion, but it is also a nation and an ethnicity, and most importantly, it is a person. Most people get confused by this and cannot comprehend how a religion can be all of those things. However, in an essay on Jewish identity, it breaks down how and where the confusion came from and what it means to live the best kind of life with respect to one’s self. According to Rebecca Alpert, “election is one of the central categories that define Jewish identity. It is the predominant way of explaining why God cares about this people, calls Israel into being and gives this group the inheritance of a land (Israel), a blueprint for living in that land (Torah) and a promise of future redemption” (Alpert 69). In Jewish terms, the doctrine of election explains what it means for Jews to be recognized as "the Chosen People." However, there has been several controversies and different interpretations as to what the election really means for the Jewish identity. Because of the disagreements, i...

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... it.
Reading about the history of Judaism has made me less ignorant. I have always heard about their part in the crucifixion of Jesus or the horrific stories that the Jews faced during the holocaust, but I never understood who they were, where they came from, or that there was more to their history. In an essay on his personal struggle with the Jewish religion, Joshua Levy overhears the words of a Jewish mother. He explains that “one exchange in particular has stayed with me since early in my career. ‘I don 't care if my son is a good Jew ', this congregant said, dismissing all of the synagogue 's work in the areas of ritual, liturgy and Hebrew, 'What I want is for him to be a good person ' (Levy 161). No matter what a person or religion has been through, the most important thing is that you are a good person and I will use my knowledge of Judaism to be just that.

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