Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism And Christianity Essay

Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism And Christianity Essay

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For my report I decide to do the four main religions that are still here today and their

cores through history. These religions are Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.

Throughout the years these religions have been with people and use. These fit in history when

man and woman were trying to find out how things can to be the way they are. Some of these

religions are monotheistic (only one god) and some are polytheistic (more than one god). This

will also show how when people believe in something enough they will fight for what they

believe in.

First we will start with Hinduism and their religious beliefs. This religion stared up in

India around 1500 BC. There is no specific fonder for this religion. Hinduisms gods one is

Brahma the creator of all the other is Vishnu the preserver of all and Shiva is the destroyer. They

believed that all of their gods are equal. Their text of what they believed was called the Vedas.

They also believed that the entire world plants, animals and people where part of the same spirit


Hinduism believe in the nine Beliefs first is Reverence for Our Revealed Scriptures

second is All-Pervasive Divinity the third is Three Worlds and Cycles of Creation the forth is

The Laws of Karma and Dharma the firth is Reincarnation and Liberation the sixth is Temples

and the Inner Worlds the seventh is Yoga Guided by a Satguru the eighth is Compassion and

Noninjury and last but not least Genuine Respect for Other Faiths. Today Hinduism has over 900

million followers worldwide. Hinduism is a thriving belief that has lasted over 4,000 years and

keeps lasting. Today Hinduism has over 900 million followers worldwide. Hinduism is a

thriving belief that has lasted ov...

... middle of paper ...

...utheranism today. The Christianity grows and is now

practiced by over 6.5 billion people each day. Christianity has over a fifty different branches so

people also find it easy to fit in every place the go.

These are all of the religions that have lasted many years. From Hinduism, Judaism,

Buddhism and Christianity these religions have seen the good and bad of the world. They have

fought over land and rights. They have gained and lost over millions of people in the years they

have been around. These religions are important do to the facts they have shaped the world. They

teach people there are different was to do things. They also show that people will fight for what

they believe in. These religions formed use today. Some people still fight for religions like Islam

and the other religions but what can I say people will fight for what they believe in.

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