Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three great religions of the world. They are all monotheistic religions, which mean the followers believe in one God. Each religion has a sacred book that contains God 's message for the world. These books are the Jewish Torah, the Christian Bible, and the Muslin Qur 'an (Religion Explained 16).
All three faiths are what is call Abrahamic Faiths, which means all of them trace their traditions back to Abraham. They think that everyone is a child of Abraham. Abraham 's life is described most fully in the Hebrew Bible, used by both Christians and Jews, and there are somewhat different accounts of him in the Qur 'an, the sacred text of Islam. They believe that all humans are the highest creatures on earth, and that all people are capable of both good and evil (judaism-christianity-islam, Religions of the World).
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are closely connected historically. Christianity arose out of Judaism, although it rapidly became a separate religion. Islam also sees itself as building on, completing, and correcting the Jewish and Christian scriptures, which are regarded as being incomplete and flawed accounts of God 's revelation.
In all three religions they believe God is a creator and sustainer of the universe. They also believe God is the absolute power, and peoples first duty is to follow God 's way in daily life. Christianity and Judaism also have scriptural tradition of arguing and debating with God. (Religions of the World 23)
Judaism teaches that Jews are the chosen people. The Jewish scripture tells a story of God making a promise with Abraham that his descendants would be God 's chosen people. The only obligation that the Jews had were to keep God 's laws. It was writ...

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...The Lutheran Church was established by Martin Luther, a Catholic monk, posted ninety five theses, or topics for discussion, on the church door at Wittenburg, Germany in 1517. Many of these were in protest of the practices of the Catholic church, and he was eventually expelled. His teachings spread through Germany and Scandinavia and, in the eighteenth century, to America. (Religions of The World 50 & 51)
About 1,400 years ago in the city Mecca, in western Arabia, the Prophet Muhammad began proclaiming the message of Islam that there is only one God. Muslins, the followers of Islam, believe that Muhammad was the last in a series of prophets through whom Allah revealed his wishes for the world. The word Islam comes from the Arabic for submission. Muslims are people who submit to Allah 's will and try to live in a way that is pleasing to Allah. (Religions Explained 28)

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