Essay on The Joy of Palmistry

Essay on The Joy of Palmistry

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Is it not interesting to know what comes next before it happens or what lies ahead of us? Many believe that predictions are really interesting. One of the many ways of fortune telling is palmistry. Palmistry is basically reading one’s palms to deduce a person’s fate through different kinds of techniques. It also can tell the personality of a person through the details in the palm. Since, the mind and body have an immense connection together. In this connection, palm readers can decide what kind of a person he or she is. Generally speaking, palmistry is a kind of practice that can foretell of shape up a person’s destiny.
A lot of people believe that predictions or fortune-telling are exciting. Having to know the predictions can make life simple or complicated, and some people feel that life is just too short that they want something to tell them what will happen on next the chapter of their lives. People are always interested in knowing what their fate or the outcome in life is; whether it is about thought, love, life, luck, health, future, career, growth and many more. (Palmistry, N.A. par 15). There are many kinds of fortune-telling that were introduced to the public; one of the many ways is palm reading. It is also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy, which is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm. This art can tell the emotional and social verdicts, consciousness and awareness, disadvantages and strengths of a person. The first intent of palmistry was for personality evaluation and for counseling. (Palmistry : History , 2011). Others may think that palmistry is for predictions, but it a definite connection the between the mind and the body which can help ...

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