The Journey That I Am A Psychologist Essay

The Journey That I Am A Psychologist Essay

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Freedom. The word is used often and carelessly, and while many would claim to be free, few actually are. Some people spend their lives trying to break free of the chains placed upon them, whether their prisons are life’s responsibilities, burdens that others place on them, personal mistakes, or even mental illness. We must all shoulder our crosses at some point, but I know that there is more to life than this. I know that we can choose to break our bonds and that we have the power to alter our paths. When I am a psychologist, my goal will be to help my clients see the world with a new clarity and be able to discover a freedom of their own.
It seems to me as if freedom is the journey that each one of my ancestors has unknowingly sought; a journey that I now consider mine. At sixteen, my grandmother left her home in the projects and her abusive mother, who had once drunkenly tried to kill her with a butcher knife. She felt her whole life that she had no control, she was punished for minor things and her achievements were ignored. My grandpa, her husband, broke free of his poor and toxic Michigan household right after high school. Despite them both coming from challenging upbringings, they left and chose to make something of themselves as a happy family and successful business owners. My parents conceived me when they were only fifteen, and they were married within the year. I believe that this is our curse; we leave as young and as fast as possible, and we run full on into life.
While I have always been loved, my life hasn’t been the easiest. Still, there’s very little of it that I would change. Just this spring, I was hit by a truck while walking, putting me out of school for a month, dropping my GPA from a 4.0 to a 3.5, and giv...

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... goal is to get into the honors society, Phi Theta Kappa, next semester and to complete my associate degree by the summer of 2017. Going to college early was a new and exciting experience for me, especially since I had been homeschooled for the majority of my life. My education has been, and will continue to be, a journey that I cherish.
With love of my family behind me, I am empowered to free our family from their history, and to help recreate our future into one where each generation is more loved and freer than the last. I now know I have the power to change my small corner of the world, and I would like to inspire others in this direction. I want to help people who are struggling to break free from their roots and from their mistakes, I want them to find out what the true meaning of independence and authentic freedom really feels like.

Hope Mielke

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