The Journey Of Two Immigrants From Mexico Essay

The Journey Of Two Immigrants From Mexico Essay

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This story is based on the journey of two immigrants from Mexico. Jorge started his journey from Oaxaca City, Oaxaca and Ivan began his journey from Acapulco, Guerrero which is just north of Oaxaca. The cities are situated in the southwest region of Mexico, right off the Pacific Ocean. During the 1950s and 1960s, Acapulco was a popular vacation destination for Americans. Oaxaca was also popular among tourist, however, this state is known for its indigenous cultures. Both cities have seen a declined in tourism over the years due to the increased number of violent outbreaks. Surprising neither Jorge nor Ivan fled to the United States, leaving their families behind because of violence.

Jorge and Ivan have similar stories. No mention of violence and neither directly mentioned they left Mexico for economic reasons. Yet, they both had the goal of working in the United States to send money back to help support the family they left behind. According to Jorge, a large percentage of males from his hometown would follow in their father’s footsteps and migrate to the United States or because everyone talks about how by coming to the other side (the United States) they will make lots of money, be able to build a house and have a car. In short, they will have better lives, living the “American Dream”.

Jorge is 30 years old and started his journey to the United States when he turned 14. Ivan started his journey much later at the age of 30. Ivan is what I would call a “newbie” he has lived in the United States for a total of 4-5 years. Jorge and Ivan came to the U.S. because they had a sibling living in the U.S. Both came to the U.S. with the intent to work to send money back to Mexico. Neither had plans for college or anything like that.

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...o with Jorge and his family. The decision process for Jorge took about 13 months; which was rather quick because some people have to wait 5 years before a decision is made. Jorge and Katie were able to prove their hardship case and Jorge was granted his “green card” which allowed him to into the U.S. as a Legal Permanent Resident. To date, Jorge has received his high school diploma and is currently attending college while still working full-time as a cook. February of this year Jorge applied to become a U.S. citizen, he is currently waiting for Immigration Services to schedule his Naturalization interview.

In conclusion, after hearing Jorge and Ivan’s story, neither of them migrated to the U.S. from Mexico because of violence or because of financial hardship; I can’t help but wonder if taking the chance to live on the other side “undocumented” is worth it.

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