The Journey Of Soul Searching

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In December of 2015, I began a journey of soul-searching. Through my personal devotion time and prayer, I felt that God was calling me to step out by faith and surrender to His leading for my future. During this time of personal searching, God used a sermon series at my church in the book of Joshua to increase my faith and resolve to surrender to whatever God wanted me to do and in the midst of the searching to “be very strong and very courageous.” In the months following that sermon, God led me to Luke 18:22, and burdened my to “sell everything you have and give to the poor.” God convicted me that I was holding too tightly to the things of this world. I knew that the future direction would only come as I was obedient to His leading concerning worldly possessions. In early spring, my husband and I organized a garage sale where we placed many of our possessions in a garage sale. We felt compelled not to place prices on anything, but to post signs on the lawn and tables that quoted Luke 18:22 and stated to “pray about the price.” At first, I thought the garage sale was about the money that we would receive and the ministry/people that would be benefactors of the financial blessing. However, God revealed his purpose in a much bigger way. As the day progressed, my husband and I realized that God had organized this event as a way for us to interact and minister to hurting people. The stories that people shared with us throughout the day was clearly directed by God. We had opportunity to hear from a man who has tragically lost two children, another woman that was struggling with stage 4 cancer, a couple who had lost everything because of a son addicted to drugs, a woman who was giving up her job to care for her mother who was t... ... middle of paper ... ...t them not turn back to folly” God’s lovingkindness and truth and certainly met together. God could use my gifts and talents as a way to minister to people. In late July, Jessica Hulbert reached out to my husband and indicated that she had just returned from the TEAM missions conference and thought specifically about us as Steve Beck shared his burden to start an international school in North Africa. When Jessica shared Steve’s burden, I felt perfect peace about pursuing this opportunity. God clearly said, I have been preparing you for this place and time. I do not know if this is the ministry opportunity that God has for our family right now, but I do know that God expects obedience to His leading. I am submitting this application in faith that God will continue to honor our obedience and lead and guide just as clearly as he has over the past six months.
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