The Journey Of My Birth Essay

The Journey Of My Birth Essay

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By believing the biggest miracle in life is birth motivates me to care for the community by contributing to the world as a midwife. The story of my birth has unravelled my desire to explore the miracles of life. It was when my mother told me the story of the dangerous and life threatening experience of giving birth to me, without any help or support of medical facilities. I was then astonished by the pregnancy of my mother, how her body changed and how difficult it was for her to accomplish normal day to day activities. As a child by caring for my mother through her pregnancy I felt appreciated and found the experience rewarding. I am drawn to the fact that midwives not only offer care for women throughout pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period but also build rapport with them and their families.
By doing A level Psychology, it not only improved my communication skills, it also gave me an insight on how previous experiences can affect a woman 's expectations it is an fundamental part of midwifery education. It shows how their upbringing can influence their views on pregnancy and childbirth; understanding why some women are more susceptible to ante and post natal depression; how my words and actions as a midwife can have a subconscious effect on the women and their birthing outcomes. Biology has not only helped me understand the human anatomy, pharmacology and physiology, as well as helped me to develop skills of independent research. Mathematics has helped me to think logically and numerically. I believe these subjects have given me a strong basis for studying midwifery at your university.
As a member of Sixth Form I have tutored many students in Art, Maths and R.E outside of school, coming from variety of backgrounds and di...

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...skills in midwifery for example suturing, attending lectures about healthcare, presenting in front of a wide diverse audience, having a confidential conversation with confederate patients about their conditions. Through these experiences I improved my team work skills as well as independence. This will be vital for me as a
By being the Anti-bullying advocate I have the skills to observe, and listen to people’s worries and concerns and giving empathetic response, Building rapports with them to gain trust.
Although Midwifery is a very demanding course, both mentally and physically, I believe that with my hard work, passion and dedication I will go on to serve the community as a midwife. I am committed to quality, always act with integrity and I constantly strive to be the best at whatever I do. My courage and enthusiasm will ensure I am an asset to your university.

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