The Journey Of Mexico : Mexico Essay

The Journey Of Mexico : Mexico Essay

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The Journey of Mexico
MEXICO! If you’re anything like me, the first things you think about when you hear Mexico are tacos, sombreros, Chihuahuas, and piñatas. Well truth is you’re right to think about that, but there is still so much more to learn about the lovely country, traditions, culture, and people. Mexico is the country at the south end of North America, right below the United States, and directly above Central America. Mexico was founded on September 27, 1821. Its capital is Mexico City. According to the 2013 World Bank Census the population of Mexico is about 122 million people. That’s roughly 1/3 (one third) the population of the United States. Mexico is a fast growing country. The population in 1960 was only about 39 million. They’ve grown about 220% over the last 50 years. I guess it comes in handy for such a fast growing nation to be the 14th largest country (by land area).
The United Mexican States doesn’t differ too much from the United States of America. Just like the United States, Mexico is made up of states, 14 of them to be exact. The national symbol for the United Mexican states is that golden eagle, can you think of anybody else who has an eagle as their national symbol? That’s right, we, here in the United States of America do too. Just like here in the United States, people like to sit around on Sunday and watch football, Mexico has its own football, like literally, its called fútbol, better known as soccer, that people love to watch. Another similar fact is that beef, is the number one eaten meat in both United States and Mexico. Next time you think that you have nothing in common with the people from Mexico, think again!
I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else besides here...

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... on El Día de los Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day). Its said that on January 6th, the three kings arrived to present their gifts to baby Jesus, so on this day, children receive three gifts. I also learned that some piñatas are filled with fruits and nuts, instead of candy.
En México se celebra los quince años de una chica en grande. Se celebra porque una niña se empieza a hacer una mujer. Empiezan a prepara la fiesta meses antes. Practican los bailes todas las semanas. La mucha compra un vestido especial. Se va al mercado ora comprar todas las cosas para la fiesta. Se mandan las invitaciones a todos los amigos y para la familia. Antes de la fiesta van a la iglesia. Después es la fiesta grande. Hay mucha comida. Las fiestas son muy divertidas. Yo quiero ir a una fiesta. Me gusta mucho aprender de México. Yo quiero hablar español. Me gustaría ir a México.

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