Essay about The Journey Of Becoming An Educator

Essay about The Journey Of Becoming An Educator

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On the journey to become an educator, I learned many aspects of multicultural education through various means. One of the top priorities of an educator falls in the realm of understanding the students I encounter and teach on a daily basis. Throughout the semester, I learned how to be an agent in delivering a multicultural education to my students. This was accomplished through various activities and presentations. Specifically, my development blossomed from participating in a digital autobiography project, watching a video from Dr. Christopher Emdin, and engaging in a presentation with Dr. James Moore.
At the open of the semester, the class completed a digital autobiography project. In essence, it was a file with photographs and descriptions that related back to my life experiences. The assignment linked back to “The Diversity Wheel,” and it challenged me to reflect upon my life experiences in relation to my shaped culture. For instance, when speaking upon my socioeconomic status, it brought up an abundance of feelings that I do not usually think of nor do I entertain. It proved to be difficult to think deeper of what these categories mean to me. The Diversity Wheel touched on topics such as age, race, gender, and education, which directly linked to all of the chapters within our text, Multicultural Education in a Pluralist Society.
The digital autobiography opened my eyes to an abundance of biases and perceptions I have of myself and others. I find it difficult to speak about myself and my experiences due to my timidness and fear. This project allowed me to painstakingly open up to a group of strangers. In addition to self-evaluation, I evaluated my peers as well. I perceived a majority of them in a certain light because of m...

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...her promoting nor degrading any religion. Through this lecture, I learned that as a Social Studies educator I am able to teach about religion, but I cannot proselytize. Additionally, I learned that because I am a government employee, I am held to different standards than my student, their parents, and the general public, meaning that my actions can affect my ability to maintain my career.
Because of these activities and lectures I participated in throughout the semester, I am well equipped to enter a classroom setting and interact with students of all walks of life. Understanding the students’ cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, ailments, and triumphs will allow me to go beyond just being their teacher. Developing a relationship and knowing them will allow me to be the student 's’ mentor, confidant, and a role model, all aspects I wish to achieve as a future educator.

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