Essay on The Journey Of A Soul Into God

Essay on The Journey Of A Soul Into God

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Are you one of those people of the "old school"? The kind who still uses a street directory? Who still loves to receive an actual letter in the mail? Do you, like me, have a million notebooks and journals from sermons and seasons long ago stuffed away in your junk room but just can 't bear to throw them out? Ok, so I 've ditched the street directory in favour of Google maps, but perhaps the reason I can 't throw out those old journals is that they are the story of my life. Adele Ahlberg Colhoun notes, "the ongoing nature of a journal catalogues the journey of a soul into God." Just like a map, I can look back and travel through a flick of the pages my journey thus far.

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started
Though I have dabbled in journaling off and on since my teens, it wasn 't until I began reflecting on this discipline at the beginning of this subject that I truly thought about its significance for the spirit and soul, and I found myself eager to complete a regular entry. My original impression before this course was that a journal can be useful for recording prayer needs, but I was unsure if it counted as real prayer. I believed it to be like a spiritual diary, and for recording revelation of scripture. But I had never thought of it as a discipline before.

A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline
Throughout history, readers have been encouraged in their own journeys through a look into the lives of others. A man of faith who penned his daily thoughts and struggles with faith and God, was 18th century Native American missionary, Jonathan Edwards. Born in 1703, he is acknowledged as being one of America 's greatest th...

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...actise of this discipline
It is part of my testimony to encourage others on how journaling has contributed to a closer walk with God in my life, and how they can do the same. I recently shared with a friend who is brilliant at writing and going through many struggles, and encouraged her to start writing down her journey so that she could look back and see her progress. When I saw her on the weekend she said she has already half filled the entire journal!

There is something to treasure about pen and paper. It 's inspiring to think that the world 's greatest writings all began as a blank page. As long as thoughts remain, as long as a dream is alive, as long as there is a question to be asked, a life to be recorded or a prayer to be answered, the ink will linger from our fingertips and the pages of our journals beckon the deepest secrets of our hearts.

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