The Journey Dream - Original Writing Essay

The Journey Dream - Original Writing Essay

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The Journey Dream

I’ve always had a rush of angst surge through my veins when thinking about my future, because most of my family comes from a long line of high school and college dropouts. This subsequently led to the urging of my family to get a life career around my middle school year. I’ve never understood the appeal of a family and kids, not in any cynical way, I’d just rather experience the world more before having children. What I’ve always wanted to do is travel the Earth. It’s a simple dream, but for me it’s a way of life I’ve always wanted to implement, but couldn’t. Ever since I was a kid, the one thing that made me happy was going to new places outside of Fresno, and California, but now I’ve gained an appreciation for nature and my surroundings, which only pushed my dream to new heights. To experience the world is to experience life, I say. I’ve already made a decision with a loved one to do this together in the years to come after college. After college, I have a choice to do this, save up as much money as possible for gas and hit the road while playing Rocket-man by Elton John.

Graduating from college is the first step to my dream, and I’d like to get it out of the way as soon as possible, but if I have to stay a couple years in advance I will make the sacrifice. Having a good enough major to still get a job to support two people is something I’m looking into with counselors. I’ve talked to counselors, but I’m still not sure of a major that suits me yet. That and making sure I take the right classes to suit a schedule for a part time job. My good friend might actually get me a job making t-shirts, if not, I’ve also sent applications to Wendy’s, WSS, and Tilly’s. A job that pays minimum...

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...loop to Montana, and Idaho. Both these states remind me of something out of a western, but then again most of my destinations do. Lola also has relatives living in Montana, I thought it would be awkward to greet them and introduce myself, and I still don’t like the idea.

Fulfilling my dream to completion would take years, patience, self-determination, and the willpower to keep going. I don’t believe that by doing this, I’ll attain any type of superiority or entitlement that I’m better than anyone else. I wanted to do this for myself in order to prove that I could. I know it may sound childish, but it’s something that I actually care about strongly. This is something that makes me feel like I have a purpose. I feel that by doing this, I’ll have a better understanding of the world when I get out there, and that’s what I want, peace, freedom and a state of mind.

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