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Journalism: The Perfect Career
People have a difficult time when trying to decide on a career. There are many careers to choose from. As one can see, journalism is the perfect career for anyone with a love of writing. Journalists have a difficult job, but for others journalism could be considered easy. The career of a journalist is very difficult because of the education, training, and skills involved.
Though the skill of writing has been around for thousands of centuries, a number of obstacles had to be overcome before the profession of writing evolved. Religious views prohibited the reproduction of literature. The Protestant Reformation helped encourage a wider range of publications. Modern publishing and the first newspapers, both appeared in the early eighteenth century (Morkes 875). In 2000, median annual earnings for salaried writers and authors was $42,270 a year. Part time journalists earned from $5000 to $15,000 a year, while full time journalists earned up to $75,000 a year. The lowest ten percent earned less than $20,290 a year and the highest ten percent earned $75,630 a year or more (Morkes 879). The entry level education for journalists is a bachelor’s degree, about 57,000 jobs are available in journalism, and the median pay per hour is $17.83. The job outlook in journalism is at a thirteen percent decline (BLS
When starting out as a journalist, most people start in entry level positions. People that have served internships with companies might have the advantage of knowing someone that can give them a personal recommendation. When in the communications field, employers are interested in samples of published writing. Positions as a junior journalist may involve library research and preparati...

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... get to shoot, report, write, and edit their own stories. Some journalists may cover a particular topic (BLS Others may cover ranges they feel need to be reported on.
When looking at job opportunities in journalism, one should not be discouraged if they cannot find a job at first. When a person goes into journalism, they do not realize it can be a difficult job to handle. Job opportunities for journalism may be at large, but not everyone going into journalism will get hired. Opportunities in journalism can be found anywhere. As long as a person has the skills required, they can find a job.
Careers are difficult to choose, one should not choose a career they do not have a passion for. Journalism is difficult, but should be chosen by those that love to write. The career of a journalist is hard because of the skills, training, and education involved.

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