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Journalism Job Research Essay

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The job market in the United States has changed a lot since the beginning of the recession in 2008. Young people need to know the job market so they can choose careers wisely. Many of the jobs that used to be popular and secure are now among the jobs that have the most amounts of layoffs, and some jobs are being replaced by new jobs as a result of the existing internet and technology. Lexi Tuck, a classmate in 100/102, wants to be either a journalist or a businesswoman. Based on Lexi’s list of interest and several research sources, entering the field of journalism is a good choice for her.
The interview with Lexi tells us about her personality and the reason that journalism is recommended to her. Lexi likes writing, meeting new people, traveling, meeting deadlines and working independently. One of her most favorite things to do is blogging, which makes her use her writing skills. She is currently a lifeguard in a swimming pool and once a week, she teaches little kids how to swim. Before her current job, she used to be a baby sitter and a receptionist. Based on her experience up to now, Lexi knows that she does not like working with little kids and that she likes meeting new people. Her favorite courses are psychology and English, but she doesn’t like math and science. Her favorite activities besides blogging are hanging out with friends and playing sports. Lexi’s personality and her interests are among important characteristics of journalists. For example, working independently, traveling, writing, and meeting deadlines are what journalists usually deal with in every day of their lives. Moreover, Lexi has blogging experience, which makes her a good candidate for internet-based news companies.
Based on Reich article “U.S ...

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...e to move into higher positions in her future career.

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