Journal Summary of Stuttering Treatment Program Essay

Journal Summary of Stuttering Treatment Program Essay

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The following is a summary of a journal article titled, “Is Parent -Child Interaction Therapy Effective in Reducing Stuttering?” by Sharon Millard, Alison Nicholas, and Frances Cook. This article was published in the Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research in June 2008, to report the findings of a research conducted on the effects of parent-child interaction therapy approach (PCIT) on children who stutter. It was conducted to add more research and evidence to the efficacy of using the PCIT approach (Millard, Nicholas, & Cook, 2008 p 636).
Many speech language pathologists (SLPs), after diagnosing a child with stuttering are left with the problems of what treatment program should be implemented and what are the chances that the child will have a persistent stuttering problem. Speech language pathologists must then look into evidence based practices to determine if they want to treat the child with a direct approach, an indirect approach or both. Unfortunately, Millard et. al,(2008) reported that there is more research on the effectiveness of direct programs like the Lidcombe Program (p. 640). In addition, there tends to be more therapy programs that focus on direct methods of interventions which have stuttering children change their speech productions through reducing their rate of speech, using easy onset, or using behaviors methods with praise to increase fluency periods (p. 636). There has been some research that shows the use of indirect methods like changing parent interaction style can increase fluency with the least amount of involvement. This can create a “firm foundation for direct therapy and gives parents long-term essential skills that will support the child’s speech” (p. 637). This current research on ...

... middle of paper ... an indirect method with younger children. The research also indicates that the PCIT approach is one indirect method that is successful in reducing stuttering in young children. It also indicated that the children who do not make progress with this approach will need additional therapy. However, the results show the PCIT therapy approach provides a good foundation for success in the children who require additional direct therpay. The research also indicates that children who are at risk for persistent stuttering can also benefit from the PCIT approach.

Works Cited

Millard, S. K., Nicholas, A., & Cook, F. M. (2008). Is parent--child interaction therapy effective in reducing stuttering? Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research, 51(3), 636-650. Retrieved from

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