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Journal of Teacher Education Critique Essay

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The Journal of Teacher Education has been in existence since March of 1950. According to the journals website ( it has an impact factor of 1.891 and is ranked 18 out of 184 in Education & Educational Research. The purpose of this paper is to critique issue 64 volume 3 of 2011. This paper is organized so that description of information is presented about the authors, institutions and topics of each paper, then a synthesis of the teacher education articles, and finally implications for the field of teacher education.
This journal issue included seven total articles; four were research articles, two were literature reviews and one was an editorial. A total of seventeen authors were represented in the articles. Six universities were represented and one public charity. Of the six universities, three are research universities, two are teaching universities, and one is an international teaching university. The public charity is The New Teacher Project in New York. Topics of this journal issue included teacher education, collaboration, professional ethics, and multicultural education. Each article addressed different issues within teacher education. Topics in teacher education included teacher training and community involvement, school-university partnerships for collaboration, beliefs and perceptions of practice through use of metaphors, professional ethics, pedagogical content knowledge, role of teacher education on career paths, and quality research to improve teacher education.
Teacher Education
Teacher education has a myriad of trends and issues that impact topics for research. This paper as indicated earlier will focus on the issues addressed in Volume 62 Issue 3...

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...& Wang, J. (2011). Toward strengthening the preparation of teacher educator-researchers in doctoral programs and beyond. The Journal of Teacher Education, 62(3), 239-245.
Martin, S., Snow, J. & Torrez, C. (2011). Navigating the terrain of third space: tensions with/in relationships in school-university partnerships. The Journal of Teacher Education, 62(3), 299-311.
Michaeli, N. & Yogev, E. (2011). Teachers as society-involved “organic intellectuals”: training teachers in a political context. The Journal of Teacher Education, 62(3), 312-324.
Monte-Sano, C. (2011). Learning to open up history for students: preservice teachers’ emerging pedagogical content knowledge. The Journal of Teacher Education, 62(3), 260-272.
Silverman, S. & Warnick, B. (2011). A framework for professional ethics courses in teacher education. The Journal of Teacher Education, 62(3), 273-285.

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