The Journal Of Adolescent Research Essay

The Journal Of Adolescent Research Essay

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Imagine having to tell your child that she can’t participate in the one extracurricular activity she’s always wanted to be a part of. Imagine having to look your child in the eyes and tell them they can’t partake in the one dream they’ve ever had.
For Nadia Laediss, she didn’t have to imagine because this became her harsh reality.
Laediss has a ten-year-old daughter named Brianna who has always dreamt of becoming a ballerina.
But Laediss, would constantly have to tell her no. She couldn’t afford to put her daughter through the program, not with all the other life expenses adding up.
This isn’t an issue that just the Laediss’ are having either, but rather an issue that is affecting the city of Columbia and the rest of the country.
The Journal of Adolescent Research conducted a study and its findings were discouraging.
In 1972, roughly 61 percent of low-income high school seniors, and 67 percent of their upper-and middle-class peers, participated in one or more non-athletic extracurricular activity. A decade later, participation rates rose to about 65 percent and 73 percent, respectively. But, in 1992, while 75 percent of upper-and middle-class seniors reported participating in extracurriculars, involvement among disadvantaged students dropped back to 61 percent. By 2004, the number for low-income seniors was down to 56 percent. Participation in sports echoed those trends, though the falloff didn’t happen until 1992, when involvement rates among low-income seniors fell from 30 percent to 25 percent a decade later.
What’s even more discouraging is that there is no end in sight. The pricing that these extra curricular activities are starting to cost families continues to clime, putting the disadvantaged further and further behin...

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...ancial distress vs. lessons costs I could not keep my promise.” Laediss said. “Then I was referred to this program that made it possible for Brianna to be a Missouri Contemporary Ballet student.”
The Day Dreams foundation is working tirelessly for the disadvantaged families, hoping to allow kids to take part in the activities that they deserve. They understand that this goes far beyond the participation in an extracurricular activity, but it has the ability to impact the rest of these kid’s lives.
For Laediss, she doesn’t think about the long-term affect that being granted this scholarship may have. She just loves to watch her kid have fun and pick her up after an exciting day of lessons. For Brianna, these lessons are a source of happiness and joy.
“Dancing makes me feel very happy because it pushes me to do things I could not and didn’t know I could do before.”

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