Essay about Journal Entry : How Deep Is Your Qualitative Research Study?

Essay about Journal Entry : How Deep Is Your Qualitative Research Study?

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My Attempt at the Assignment: Week 13 Homework: Journal Entry: How Deep is Your Qualitative Research Study? In Unit 12 you learned about critical appraisal of qualitative studies, choose one article that was included on your list of sources that utilized qualitative research methodologies to learn more about the practice-based problem you selected. Based on what was learned from the reading and was discussed in class, answer the following four questions in your journal. 1. What qualitative methods were used in this study and briefly summarize how this was implemented. The qualitative methods that were used in this study were: six focus groups of older veterans, two focus groups, and one semi-structured interview of VA staff liaisons, and two focus groups and one semi-structure interview of housing intervention providers. Source:,_VA_Homeless_Program_Staff_Liaisons,_and_Housing_Intervention_Providers.pdf 2. What are some stated or unstated strengths and limitations of this qualitative approach. This study had a number of limitations. One, the small number of focus groups in only three Florida cities reduces the generalizability of the findings. Two, the homeless veteran focus group participants were the lucky ones, in the sense that they had successfully navigated the VA system to use program services. It is unknown if other homeless veterans who did not meet the transitional supportive housing program criteria, or had not yet accepted or obtained services and remained homeless, would have different views about homelessness and VA services. Indeed, veterans, VA staff liaisons, and housing interventio...

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...ata) tends to use a variety of observational and interviewing techniques; since these were tainted within the study I provided that could be the reason for you feedback: “What you describe here is not a summary of a qualitative research article.”

A Study that would suffice this assignment would be Geoffrey Nelson’s Workshop discussing the topic of Housing First: Qualitative and Mixed Methods Evaluation. The power point slide of this can be found here:
This discusses the difference of qualitative and quantitative evaluations. Quantitative evaluations just give you measurements and numbers, while the advantages of qualitative evaluations are personal experiences, subjectivity, meaning, getting closer to the studied phenomenon, the depth of understanding, holism, and to examine unintended outcomes.

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