Essay about Joshua, The Successor Of Moses

Essay about Joshua, The Successor Of Moses

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Joshua, the successor of Moses, had a life filled with many adventures. Throughout the books of Numbers and Joshua, there are countless stories in which many lessons can be gleaned. However, one could make a strong argument that Joshua’s primary purpose in the Biblical record, was to lead the children of Israel out of the wilderness into the promised land. As this writer reflects on the understanding of his calling/vocation, the narrative of Joshua’s leadership journey has been very influential. In the first chapter of Joshua there are three major things that speak to this writer as it pertains to his call.
The first thing that really has influenced this writer is the context of Joshua’s call. As we know, in the first chapter of Joshua, God calls Joshua to step up and take the leadership role amongst the children of Israel. Joshua who had served as Moses’ attendant for forty years was charged by God to assume the leadership position upon Moses’ death. Moses served as the liberator to Israel. He was responsible for bringing them out of Egyptian bondage and into the wilderness. Whereas Moses mission was to bring them out of physical bondage into a physical freedom, Joshua’s task, in this writer’s opinion, was a bit more daunting. Joshua had the responsibility of getting people who were already free to consider exercising their freedom to fulfill the will of God. One could make a case that the children of Israel followed Moses because it was in their best interest. Moses led them from bondage to comfort; Joshua however, led Israel from comfort to combat. The prospect of inheriting a land flowing with milk and honey was perhaps a secondary motive for the children of Israel to enter into Canaan. On the other hand, the primary impetus...

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... in which this writer approaches ministry endeavors. Such passages remind me that God’s call is a call to action.
Lastly, this writer accepted his call to ministry twenty years ago, and as a young relatively unchurched convert, he was terrified. Terrified at the magnitude of the assignment. To think that the God of the universe would entrust him with His word and His people was a scary thought. Fortunately, this writer found solace in God’s promise to Joshua. God told Joshua in Joshua 1:5 “….Just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.” Joshua was faced with what must have been a terrifying assignment. Joshua journeyed through Canaan conquering lands with the confidence that God was with him. As this writer sits twenty plus years removed from the acceptance of his call to ministry, he still finds his hope in God’s presence.

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