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Among the many dictators the world has seen, Joseph Stalin is one of the very well known. But he is not known for doing good. Which is very common when you think about history and the different dictators. Most of them spread terror by harsh rulings and brutal demands. While dictators may not have been very leaders persay. They were leaders nonetheless. Ones who knew how to make people follow them. Making them good leader. So without further ado, Joseph Stalin.
Joseph Stalin was born on December 18th in the year 1879. His name was originally Losif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. He was born in the town Gori, Georgia. Stalin was a very frail child. During his childhood he had a few accidents, one which left his face scarred from smallpox. As a child he was also bullied a lot, this began his search in life for greatness and respect. Further into his childhood he received a scholarship to a seminary to study for the priesthood in the Georgian Orthodox Church. Here he studied to become a priest, but ended up becoming interested in the revolutionary movement against the Russian monarchy. During his time at the seminary he missed too many exams, so he was expelled in 1899. During his time out of the seminary he became more involved in criminal activity. Then in 1906 Stalin married a seamstress and had two sons. Then she died and he remarried to the daughter of a Russian revolutionary, she later committed suicide. Stalin also fathered multiple other children out of wedlock. He took the name Stalin which means steel in Russian. Around this time the Soviet government was going through a violent period. At which point they created the position that gave stalin his power.
Stalin ruled by terror and with a totalitarian grip on society in ord...

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...o rule the Soviet Union by establishing communist parties all over Eastern Europe. These parties followed him. He prosecuted a reign of terror, continued with pueges and exiles to labor camps. Within anything he had control over he diminished all Western Europe influence or any other foreign dissent. And in 1949 he led Soviet Russia into the nuclear age by exploding an atomic bomb. The following year he gave permission to Communist leader Kim II Sung to invade the united states. This ignited the Korean war.
As Stalin grew older he also became more paranoid, his health from there decreased and he died of stroke at the age of 74. For a while his body was preserved in a museum but then removed and buried near the Kremlin walls as part of the de-Stalinization. It was estimated that he was responsible for the deaths of approximately 20 million people during his rule.

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