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Joseph Of Joseph Stalin Birth Name Essay

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Joseph Stalin birth name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili and he was born in Gori, Georgia on December 18, 1879. When at age seven he contracted small pox that scared his face, while also getting into a carriage accident that disformed his arm. Leading to a rough childhood of bullying from other children. Even though his father was priest in the Greek Orthodox Church, it was said that his father had beaten him constantly which resulted in Joseph growing to hate his religion and became atheist. His mother was a hardcore Christian who wanted Joseph to follow in his father footsteps so she sent him to church school. However, as history explains, as brilliant as Joseph was academy he discontinued schooling to join revolutionary group of socialist which led him to Vladimir Lenin and the ideas of Karl Marx.
Joseph later joined the social Democratic labor party in 1901, control by Vladimir Lenin and his partner Leon Trotsky. Even though he wasn’t an orator like Lenin or intellectual like Leon, Joseph’s ability to strategically plan landed him the job of secretary of operations. Less than a year later he was arrested for coordinating a strike and exiled which would happen frequently throughout the revolution he changed his name to Stalin meaning Steal in Russian. He planning every event from heists to kidnappings to raise money. Not to long after, Russia experienced the revolution of 1917, in which Vladimir Lenin with the help of Leon convinced the people to revolt and commandeer the acreage from the wealthy. A few months the Bolsheviks taken command under Lenin, and a few years later Stalin was given a new position that allowed him to control all communist planning. Not long after that he was in complete control of the party. The ...

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...h, during WWII he ordered his military snipers to execute starving little Russian kids who tried bring German soldiers water for a piece of bread. Even though that command was effective in stopping German soldiers from gaining any available resources such as water, it highlights how awful of a man was running Russia. Even after the war was over Stalin forced neighboring countries become part of the Soviet Union to allow some cushion between Russia and the western countries, putting up the iron curtain, basically cutting off economic trade. While also upgraded his military defense and nuclear weapons to put fear in other countries. Everything proving that Stalin had no intentions of abiding by the (UDOHR) but stayed a one party communist government under the ideas of Marxism-leninism with little freedom under the theory of no religion until he finally died in 1953.

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