Joseph As A African American Years Old Single Man Who Has Been Diagnosed With Terminal Lung Cancer

Joseph As A African American Years Old Single Man Who Has Been Diagnosed With Terminal Lung Cancer

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Joseph is a African American 80 year old single man who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Joseph resided with his nephew Christopher, and Christopher is the family liaison for his uncle. Joseph is currently in the hospital fighting to live and currently using medical oxygen to breathe. Joseph recently stated to Christopher that if he stop breathing, then do not resituate him, and he is tired of suffering and ready to be with the Lord. Joseph also stated to the nurses and physician that he is refusing life sustaining treatment and already sign the document stating that he refuse.
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Christopher has not accept his uncle’s medical condition and does not want his uncle to die. Christopher is praying every day that his uncle gets better, but his medical condition continues to progress. When his uncles asked the physician and nurses that he refuse life sustaining treatment, Christopher began to weep, and beg for his uncle to continue to live. Christopher is the family liaison for Joseph and thinks that the physician should have asked him before his uncle sign the refusing life sustaining treatment. Christopher stated to the physician and nurses that his uncle is not in his state of mind and thinks that they should dispose the document that the uncle sign for refusing life substaing treatment. The nurses and physician refuse to dispose the document and stated that his uncle has a right to refuse any medical procedure. Christopher stated to the hospital officials that he will seek legal help. Christopher contacted a lawyer and the lawyer stated to Christopher unfortunately that his uncles does have a right to refuse any medical procedure if he is in a right state of mind ...

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... hospital, the physicians and nurses was great advocate to Joseph and was there for him. The physicians and nurses stated that Joseph was a great man and understand that his medical condition is serious. The physicians and nurses also stated that Joseph was a fighter and fight to the end that he could not barred his condition.
In this case, the burses and physicians did not serve well as a advocate for Joseph’s nephew Christopher. The nurses and physicians should have been more supportive with Christopher and explain his conditions. If the nurses and physicians will have explains his medical decision, then Christopher will have better understanding of his uncle’s medical conditions. Unfortunately, Christopher has to seek counseling for depression based on his uncle’s decisions due to lack of information and help from the nurses, social work, and physicians.


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