Essay on Josef Mengele: From Man to Monster

Essay on Josef Mengele: From Man to Monster

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Josef Mengele was once one of the brightest young doctors of his time. But in his efforts to prove his brilliance to his fellow Germans, he would take a very dark path that made him one of the most wanted men of the Holocaust. Josef Mengele had a fierce mother growing up, very strict and never giving in to what her children did. That would prove to be a very bad example for Mengele on how to treat people. Also, with his desire after college to create a Nazi super race and prove that Jews were subhuman, there was no stopping Josef Mengele from becoming a monster. Not only did Mengele perform harsh experiments and have an intense selection process, but he also had a great ability to evade capture, and his influence on the holocaust is a terrible and horrifying memory for the Jewish people of Auschwitz.
Mengele grew up in Gunzberg, Germany where his father ran the town with his industrial farm supply factory that provided most of the jobs and economy for the town of Gunzberg. Mengele had the ambition to become something great at a very young age, and as he grew older this differed from what his father wanted him to become. His father wanted Josef to eventually run his factory, but he had different ideas as he went on to study at the University of Munich. This was when Mengele’ transformation into a monster began. This was a key university that pushed the Nazi ideals right into Mengele’s mind. With his desire to impress his peers, he would listen to his professors intently and become a star pupil for the Nazi’s and begin to study genetics (Lynott 1-3). Because of the Nazi ideal of having a “super race” they would need some of the top genetic scientists. Mengele realized that was if he could consistently produce twins with blonde hai...

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...e while swimming in his hideaway, in Brazil. Mengele spent thirty-four years on the run and was never brought to justice (“World in Action”).
With his fierce selection process and terrifying experiments, Josef Mengele left a Memory for the Jewish people’s minds that

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