Essay on Josef Mengele Aka The Angel of Death

Essay on Josef Mengele Aka The Angel of Death

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“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it”, these are the words from one of the most notorious figures known for killing thousands during the Holocaust. This notorious figure is known as Dr. Josef Mengele aka “The Angel of Death”. To better understand Dr. Josef Mengele one must learn the thoughts of others in relation to him and what his practices were in the Holocaust. By doing this one can better answer the true question; what drove “The Angel of Death” to torture so many innocent people? Many people believed he was nothing more than a monster, and to others he was just a regular figure on the platform doing what his country asked him to do.
Margaret Englander, a survivor of Auschwitz, worked for Mengele as his clerk witnessing life-and-death selections for a year. “He took 4 children one day; he gave them sweets, and put them in his car. While driving, he stopped in the middle of the road and shot them all.” Mengele later sterilized her daughter and selected her to die, just two days after being liberated.
“I wouldn’t like to see him that he should die. Definitely not. I would like to see him; he should suffer for the rest of his life. Yes, this is which I would like to see him. He should be in life and he should be suffering and he should hear the survivors to tell him what he did to us.” (CBS Network)
Enrique Mueller was a close friend of Mengele after the Holocaust. Women: “what was he like as a person?” Mueller: “Just like you and I. All he did then was his duty. Just like what the Americans do today, the same bloody experiments which carried out then. Everybody knows Mengele here.” Women: “Do you really think he did what people accused him of?”
Mueller: “Yes. And I would be...

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...o murder somebody with just the flick of his wrist (“Josef Mengele”). He was able to hold the fate of thousands of people in just the palm of his hands. The down side to this was that his success was at the expense of innocent people and it was for that reason that Dr Josef Mengele will forever be known as “The Angel of Death”.

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