Jose Marti : A Strong Sense Of Nationalism Essay

Jose Marti : A Strong Sense Of Nationalism Essay

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“Marti, he should not have died Ay, his dying! If Marti had not died a different roster would crow, the fatherland would be saved and Cuba would be happy. Marti should not have died! Ay, his dying!” (Krauze 20). This song originating from the streets of Havana was song in mourning for Jose Marti. Jose Marti is widely considered as one of the founders of the Cuban nation as it’s known today. Jose Marti had a very strong sense of Nationalism for Cubans as a whole. His visons lead many people from many different races, ethnicities and politics to gain a strong sense of pride and passion for their nation of Cuba. Jose Marti’s role in Cuba and in Latin America lead too many people following his beliefs in similar and conflicting ways. Jose Marti’s was extremely important to the development and freedom of what is now modern day Cuba.
Nationalism is similar and different for every country around the world. In Cuba many citizens have a strong sense of Nationalism. Jose Marti had a strong impact on Nationalism in Cuban society. He states “If the republic does not open its arms to everyone and move forward the benefit of everyone, the republic will die” (Krauze 17). This statement shows how Marti believed that every Cuban was equal and that no matter of race or ethnicity they are all together in their soon to be republic. This shows how Marti believed that all people of Cuba are together and this strengthens their Nationalism. His push for independence from Spain shows that he believed Cubans were strong enough to become a strong, connected country independent of any outside influence. Marti’s belief that all people living in Cuba are Cubans plays an important role in Cuba’s fight for independents. Weather they are black, Spanish, indige...

... middle of paper ... the trade embargo with the United States of America isn’t the “key” to success for Latin America. It could also be viewed as not wanting Cuba to be imperialized by the United States of America. Marti’s writings can be used for different situations which can cause controversy on what his meanings may have been at the times.
Jose Marti is widely considered a hugely important figure to the development of modern day Cuba. His writings can still be found and can be interpreted differently to fit situations Cuba faces today. His beliefs and visions for Cuba were very inspirational when it came to race, ethnicity and political standings. Marti’s definition and spreading of Nationalism laid the foundation for modern day Cuba and can still be seen today. Jose Marti’s writings and his beliefs were hugely influential in Cuban history and are still influential today.

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