Essay about Jonathan Swift And Oliver Goldsmith

Essay about Jonathan Swift And Oliver Goldsmith

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Although Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith have two distinct writing styles, their passion for literature, their desire for a better world, and the underlying topic of their work are all strikingly similar. The lives of these two famous authors also resemble each other’s, starting in poverty, living through life’s hardships, and ending in success. Swift and Goldsmith were two of the most famous authors of the 18th century. I believe if Swift and Goldsmith had met, they would have made great friends. For the reason that, along with their passions, their lives were bursting with challenges. Both were born in poverty and underwent numerous challenges, including the death of loved ones and the loss of purpose in life. In addition, Jonathan Swift inspired Oliver Goldsmith to pursue his writing career. However, if Jonathan Swift had had the opportunity to read Oliver Goldsmith’s poetry, he would have disliked his artistic style. For the only reason being, Swift did not like elaborate poetic diction. Although these 18th century satirists express their opinions in different ways, they have the same love of literature, a similar dream for the future, and they both utilize satires to convey the evils they perceive in society.
Through their mutual love of the literary arts, both Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith were satirists of social issues. They criticized the social injustices that was going on during the 18th century in Ireland by doing what they loved the most, writing. Swift and Goldsmith wrote their stories as a mockery to the arrogance, hypocrisy, and falsehood of the upper classes. Through their bold and amusing tales, we are entertained with the obvious message of injustice and corruption decorated in a satire. Through thei...

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... Goldsmith had two distinct writing styles, but they were similar in a lot of ways: their passions, their missions, and their use of satires. Swift and Goldsmith were two of the most famous satirical authors of the 18th century. The skill of these two authors are prevalent in the way that they convey a formerly serious message, such as corruption in the members of Parliament, in a fun and entertaining way. The similarities between two authors are numerous: from their start in poverty, to their political view, passions, and the implication of their skills to convey their fears to society. Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith were two brilliant 18th century satirists, who may have expressed their opinions in different ways, but nevertheless had the same striking and enjoyable effect by utilizing their mutual passions, missions, and humor, in the form some witty satires.

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