Jonathan Price´s Search for the Blacksmith Essay

Jonathan Price´s Search for the Blacksmith Essay

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One day, a fourteen-year-old boy named Jonathan Price found himself lying down in the grass and suddenly thought, where are mom and dad? Where am I? He did not realize that he had walked one hundred and fifty miles east of his home in Wichita, Kansas and blacked out the previous day, October 19th, and blacked out. As he got up out of the grass, he felt a strange desire for food. He started wandering in the direction he thought was home. He started to go through a forest when he saw a beautiful waterfall joining in to a river. As he walked over to the river he found what he thought was an apple on the floor and ate it almost immediately. After he finished the so-called apple, he drank some water. He started to feel sock and looked at the apple in his hands only to realize that he had actually picked up an orange.
After wandering around the forest for at least one or two more hours, he realized what he had been doing the previous day. He had been walking to a blacksmith in Dodge City, Kansas that would not care that he was only fourteen and would make him the gun he wanted so that he could shoot ducks. What Jonathan did not know was that Dodge City was much farther than it seemed. As he started walking back the way he had come, he came across another boy around the same age as him.
He asked the boy, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
The boy responded kindly, “I am Kent Palace and I am sixteen years old. I hail from the land of Palaces in Topeka, Kansas. I have been sent this way to find the blacksmith named Xavier Bon who provides people with anything a blacksmith can make.”
Then Jonathan started awkwardly, “Oh! I know where that blacksmith is. I will take you to him.”
Jonathan started to go back towards t...

... middle of paper ...

... me no choice. That blacksmith is my friend, so I have to kill you. It does not matter that people will come looking for you because I will not be here,” Finishing his sentence with a gunshot.
The blacksmith came out from the hotel and thanked Jonathan. Jonathan offered the blacksmith a place to work nearer to Jonathan’s house where he would be safe. After thinking for a while, the blacksmith finally agreed.
It took Jonathan and Xavier two days to get back, and when Jonathan’s parents heard what he had done, they were proud of him, even though they were scared that he might have died. They even offered the blacksmith a place to stay in their house. The blacksmith told them that he would be delighted to stay with Jonathan’s family. Jonathan’s family and the blacksmith were able to live long and joyous lives together, and they were always proud of each other.

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