Essay on Jon Huntsman's Presidential Campaign

Essay on Jon Huntsman's Presidential Campaign

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In 2012, Jon Huntsman ran an atypical presidential campaign. Despite his stunning credentials, he never stood out in the republican primary. For the most part, the positions he took were to the left of his target audience. Moreover, his quirky media strategy failed to garner him the name recognition he needed to make an impression with republican voters. Among other problems the campaign struggled with its finances. Moreover, Jon Huntsman’s weaknesses in the primary would have been strengths in a general election.
Jon Huntsman started his political career as a staff assistant in President Reagan’s White House. After working in the White House, he worked at the commerce department serving as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Trade Development Bureau, as well as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for East Asia and the Pacific. Afterwards, President George H. W. Bush appointed him Ambassador to Singapore. Later, President George W. Bush appointed him deputy U.S. Trade Representative. Soon after, President Bush promoted him to U.S. Trade Ambassador. As Trade Ambassador, Jon Huntsman was responsible for overseeing trade negotiations. In 2004, Jon Huntsman was elected the 16th Governor of the state of Utah. During his campaign for governor, Jon Huntsman’s father, Jon Huntsman Sr. became an issue. “Many questioned whether Huntsman Sr. would be defining the political agenda for the state” (Hunter 2011, 2). In other words, the fact that his billionaire father had once ran for governor in Utah made people question his son’s motives. During the 2008 presidential election, Governor Huntsman was the co-chairman for Senator John McCain’s campaign. Subsequently, after John McCain’s lose, President Obama, nominated Governor Huntsman...

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