Joint Venture between a Domestic Company and a Company from Abroad Essay

Joint Venture between a Domestic Company and a Company from Abroad Essay

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Government Overview
After decades of military dictatorship, Brazil is one the world’s largest democracies since 1985. The constitutions adopted in 1988 declared the country a federal republic with 26 states and a federal district. Brazil has a distinct division of power between the federal and local government. The Constitutions grants the federal level with broad powers and each state has its own government that is subordinate to the federal government. Three independent powers, executive, legislative, and judicial branches make up the federal government. The president and vice president are elected by popular vote for four year terms. In 2010, Brazil elected it first female Chief of State, Dilma Rousseff, a member of the Workers Party. Rouseff continued with the economic and social policies from former President Lula da Silva. She advocates for the end of poverty in Brazil, protection of the environment, tax system reform, and development in Brazil’s regional areas. In addition, the legislative branch is known as the National Congress which of 81 members in the Federal Senate and 513 members part of the Chamber of Deputies. Brazil’s judicial branch comprise of three level, which includes federal, municipal, and local. According to, Brazil’s judicial system is the most independent system in Latin America. local.
Despite the slow economic growth in the last years, Brazil remains an attractive playing field for foreign investors. With the preparations for the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic games, many developmental programs are improving problem areas in the country thus creating a better business environment. According to The Rio Times, in 2007, t...

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...and health care. Many times, these protest become violent with citizens burning buses, looting local businesses, and even damaging police vehicles. As a result, police squads are forced to retaliate with excessive force often leading to police brutality. With these violent scenes all over the city, many investor worries that these protest will interfere with the preparations for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics
Corruption among political and business figure is another major issue that contributes to Brazil’s political instability. According to a Marketline Prestle Insight report, the country is challenged by a high crime rate and widespread corruption in politics and business. For the past several years, many corruption cases has erupted in Brazil and many involves political figures such as lawmakers. The article Lawmaker behind bars article presents the case of

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