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Joint Health And Safety Committee Essay

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Joint Health and Safety Committee
The Joint Health and Safety Committee is an advisory committee that helps to create awareness of the health and safety concerns in the workplace. The committee also recognizes and identifies workplace risks, conducts inspection and makes recommendations to the employer to address the risk (Ontario Ministry of Labour, 2015).
The following report is on the set-up of a Joint Health and Safety Committee for a manufacturing plant that makes baby dolls. This report will examine the policy statement, goals, set-up, minute, action-items, meeting agenda, training, audit, and inspection of a proposed Joint Health and Safety Committee.
Joint Health and Safety Committee Policy Statement
The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JH&SC) is committed to enhancing and promoting the health and safety of workers in the workplace. To create a safe, injury free workplace and provide support and training to enhance the company’s safety policy.
Four goals the team will try to attain annually
The JH&SC will try to attain four goals annually. These goals include:
1. Lower the frequency of incident, near misses, and injuries in the workplace. Act on the health and safety concerns and suggestions of the workers.
2. Planning safety-training sessions for workers and reviewing statistics of frequency and severity of near misses and injury trend every quarter.
3. To have the workforce involved in the company safety effort in an active manner
4. Communicating safety information to everyone in the organization and ensuring that internal responsibility system is part the company’s safety culture.
(Safety Info, 2015)
The team members of the JH&SC
Membership on the JH&SC would be voluntary. There will be eight members of the committe...

... middle of paper ...

...7. Workplace hazard assessment
8. Ergonomics
9. Organizational behavior
10. Working in a team
(Ontario Ministry of Labour, 2015)
Trainings for the workers will include:
1. Standard first aid and CPR
1. Construction Safety Training System
2. Fire extinguisher training
3. Emergency response plan
4. Hazard recognition and awareness
5. The rights of the worker
Both members and workers will be expected to get a refresher training according to the scheduled date stipulated by the certification issuing body.
Safety suggestion system, for co-workers to input into the committee
Suggestions from workers will be received through the following channels:
1. During daily tool box meetings
2. Monthly worker’s safety meeting
3. Online on the JH&SC’s webpage on the company website
4. By email to the JH&SC’s joint email address
5. By phone call or text to any member of the committee

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