Essay on Joint Air Of Surface Standoff Missile

Essay on Joint Air Of Surface Standoff Missile

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The AGM-158 JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile is a an autonomous, long-range missile designed by the US Air force (USAF) in early 2000. It was an air-to-ground and precision standoff missile that was designed primarily for the US Air Force. The main purpose for this 2000lbs weapon is to offer high capability and the precision in destroying stationary and re-locatable targets.
The project to build this flexible weapon that be integrated into various platforms such as B-1, B-2, B-52, F-16 and F-15E aircraft ran into serious difficulty at some point in 2009 and it was suspended for 3 months and was also in danger of cancellation following a series of failed tests. The project was not going as planned and it has also incurred budget overrun that runs on millions of United States Dollars.
In 2009 December to be precise a drastic action by replacing the Project manager and Terry Little was appointed the new Project manager. When Terry asked about the person who he is going to be replacing, according to (Laufer, 2012) the answer was “ He wasn’t up to the task”
In this report I will be looking at how Terry Little change the fortune of the project, his management style, his behavior towards the project team. I will also be discussing what Terry could have done better from my own point of view to enhance the performance of the project team that worked on the Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile.

Project Vision

“Effective leaders first establish a clear vision of where they are going and get others to buy into it. They do this by involving them in the task, so that they feel ownership for it. And last they are persistent in their pursuit of that vision, in spite of setbacks and difficult...

... middle of paper ...

...en. According to Lynda Rutledge Terry Little was a “Male Chauvinist” He indulged women in his team and the got away with things men will not get away with in the project. There was an example of a woman in the leader position on the team who was vanishing for long periods without explanation. Terry would do anything about her and he said in his own words “ Well I like to give women more latitude” (Laufer, 2012)
Terry being the ruthless aggressive manager that he was, told Larry Lawson the Lockheed Martin Corporation manager to throw out the military standards and approaches. In my judgment and I considered that to be a fallacy. This could have been counter productive to his strategy if something had gone wrong and also if the military had found out that one of their own is telling contractors not to follow the standard set, his position would have been untenable.

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