Joining The Draft : Yes? No?

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Rebecca Pond Ms. Russo Major Literary Works 24 November 2014 Join the Draft: Yes? No? During the Vietnam War era, many young men were drafted, compelled to leave their families, their pets, their lives in general. They were brought into a new world. Like O’brien described war is a “shit field.” There is no doubt in my mind that it is exactly that. You tell a man that you have his back and then he gets shot. Living with that guilt and resentment can ruin someone mentally. As hard as it seems, there are both advantages and disadvantages to joining the draft. If the United States instituted the draft and my number came up, I would opt to accommodate. As hard as it would be to leave my family and not know if I was going to come back alive, I would take the responsibility every American has. That responsibility is to fortify and represent this country in any way we possibly can. There are some advantages to joining the draft. First, the country will have enough reserved soldiers to fight in the war. One of the main purposes of obligatory enlistment is that the country will have enough routine of soldier to send whenever and wherever there are irruptions of warfare. People who have enlisted are called for and are sent to nations at war. Second, the draft is the easiest and cheapest way to expand the military. The number of men and possibly women needed to maintain the optimum military force would be signed up with little trouble. The U.S. would perpetuate to have the most sizably voluminous and finest military in the world. Third, men and women drafted would profit from the preparation and order the military offers. More individuals from diverse foundations would impart the military experience. Some of those drafted may decide to re-en... ... middle of paper ..., it would be very hard for my family and friends but at least I would not have died for nothing. I would have died fighting for my country; for my family and friends freedom; for peace and dignity. In conclusion, there are benefits and burdens when joining the draft. Whether or not a person chooses to join, that is their business. As an American, one should be willing to fight for their country. On the other hand, it might not even be good for the army, considering there would be many inexperienced recruits; meaning more money thrown away. Many people have survived the draft while many people have been killed. Personally, choosing to join the draft is an honorable duty that will be remembered. Oblivion would not be my fear anymore because people would know I was willing to save lives; watch other soldiers back; fight for my country; engage in the battle for peace.
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