Essay on Joining the British Royal Military

Essay on Joining the British Royal Military

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Last month on the 21st of October my brother and I joined the British Royal military guard of George VI to suppress the Nazi Regime and to seek political and social justice. I was a young man of only seventeen and my approach to politics and religion at that time were scarcely practiced. In truth the spirit that inspired me had nothing to do with any noble factors whatsoever. There were no careful articulated reasoning that drove me to this conclusion nor was I a patriotic citizen that believed so strongly in the countries cause that I wanted to lay down my life for her. I was in fact a simple man of seventeen who only wanted his pockets worth from his society and granted the protection and service of her promises.
It did not surprise me then that after I have joined this particular cause as a result of ignorance and blind indifference that I had failed to meet her demanding expectations. Needless to say I share you this memory and I share it with you. My names is James Wyard and this my account of the incident in Cornwall.
The night was young and the church bells were screaming with laughter. The town of Cornwall was celebrating its annual festival with parades of bottled beer white lust and hard red liquor. The invitation was open to anyone and the teasing colors unbridled with her open arms was too good for the squad of 764.
“Come on lads. Hurry!”
What if we get caught? What if he finds out?”
Charlie’s trembling voice was humming through the air as David, Pascal and I were marching through the brown hazel thicket. Walking in agony, it was clear that Charlie’s expression radiated doubt.
“Charlie, Here!”
Grabbing a nearby flower, David tossed a rose into Charlie’s arms. Pascal sniggered softly.
“What’s this for?” Charlie asked...

... middle of paper ...

...n number. We only had a dozen in strength whilst our enemies seemed to double our number.
“Roger squad leader 755, how many are we?”
​“22. Over.”
​I sighed.
​The world was turning upside down in fire and destruction. As I looked outside and prayed in this ungodly hour my veins rippled in fear because I realized something. Charlie, Pascal, David and I were all a part of this world. Sooner or later all would come and pass but I realized that we had a part to play and that I failed to play mine.
I looked to the radar screen and sure enough there were numerous dots around our tired twenty.
“Roger squad leader 755. Any reinforcements headed this way?
I trembled in fear and made a cross.
“… No reinforcements. Over. Out”
And so this is how this story ends with these ungrateful words.
I could not say it to Pascal, David, Sarah and Charlie but I say this onto you.
I am sorry.

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