Joining Ethiopian Troops into AMISOM: Its Implications for Somalia Security and AMISOM Capabilities

Joining Ethiopian Troops into AMISOM: Its Implications for Somalia Security and AMISOM Capabilities

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For the last one year, African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM], Somalia National Army [SNA] and allied forces were unable to expand their territorial control due to logistical and personnel deficit. Despite the presence of these forces and Ethiopian troops, still the Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamist group Al-Shaba’ab controls a significant part of south central Somalia. AMISOM repeatedly reported its lack of capabilities in helicopters, uniformed personnel and other logistics, which will hopefully Ethiopia fills this vacuum beyond deploying the troops. The United Nations Security Council [UNSC] passed Resolution 2124/2013 on November 12, 2013 to increase the uniformed personnel from 17,731 to a maximum of 22,126 as well as to expand the logistical support package for AMISOM on the request of the African Union Peace and Security Council. Subsequent to the UNSC resolution and request for joining Ethiopian troops into AMISOM from the SFG; the Ethiopian government has decided to join AMISOM. This paper argues whether the join of Ethiopian troops to AMISOM has any implication on the security of Somalia and AMISOM capabilities or not.

Since 2011, Ethiopia has intervened and sacrificed a lot to create a peaceful environment in Somalia as well as to defend its national security from terrorist groups with its finance. AMISOM and SNA are unable to expand their territories through ousting Al-Shaba’ab from its current controls. Accordingly, the UNSC passed the resolution that increases the number of uniformed personnel by four thousand and logistics so as to expel Al-Shaba’ab from rural areas and other strategic locations. Nonetheless, Al-Shaba’ab controls a significant part of south central Somalia. It also influences the groups such as Galg...

... middle of paper ... Ethiopia in terms of the financial burden. Nevertheless, the operation on the ground doesn’t institutes improvement on the land since the transfer of Ethiopia from unilateral intervention in Somalia to fight Al-Shaba’ab to AMISOM have nothing positive effect on increasing the number of fighters on the ground. And, Ethiopia should not sacrifice beyond this by deploying its troops financed by the Ethiopian economy. As a result, the security of Somalia may be deteriorated due to inability to consolidate the existing gains and proceeding forward to liberate other areas from Al-shaba’ab that needs deployment of additional troops on the ground. Consequently, the international community especially the United Nations and African Union have to seek alternatives that enhances the capabilities of either the mission or the national army so as to cover Somalia territories.

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